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Valley Center Elementary Room P-1

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Media/Image Search Options For Staff and Students

Discovery Education 
Each teacher and student has a log in that is their regular user name and their original password.   
Discovery has high quality image content that is filtered by grade level span for searches including video and images.  
If you have difficulty with the log in process, please contact the tech office for assistance. 

Pics4learning www.pics4learning.com is a free internet image search site with photos that have no copyright restrictions and that have been reviewed for use with students.    No log in is required. 

Kids Clicks/Safe Search Kids are additional resources for media content.


Instructional Strategies

Philosophical Chairs with Mrs. Fleck

The Conga Line with Mrs. Peral-Vega

Collaborative Posters with Mrs. Wade

Trading Cards with Mr. Melo

Barrier Games with Mrs. Contreras

Discussion Roundtable with Mrs. Gillis

Snowball Fight with Miss. Stermon